Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Membership Number: AJC69 / Registered Charity Number: 001

To promote the conservation of wildlife throughout the world by the preservation and breeding of endangered species, both in Jersey and the animal's natural habitat.

Volunteer Role

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a charity saving species from extinction. If you would like to be part of the volunteers supporting Durrell to achieve its mission you may find out more details by visiting https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/volunteer-at-durrell/

Here you will find information about the different roles on offer, an online form to sign up today, FAQ and contact information.

Volunteer Commitment

Different roles have varying levels of commitment, something to suit everyone!

Les Augres Manor

t: 01534 860060
f: (01534) 860001
e: chris.clark@durrell.org
w: http://www.durrell.org

: Chris Clark