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Christians Together in Jersey

Membership Number: AJC88 / Registered Charity Number: 129

Christians together in Jersey was originally formed in June 1966 under the name of the Jersey Council of Churches, when representatives of the main Protestant churches signed a declaration seeking to fulfil together their common calling to the glory of the one God. The council became truly representative of all the main churches in Jersey when, shortly after, in 1968, the Roman Catholic Church applied and was admitted to membership.The objective of Christians Together in Jersey is to be a visible sign of the churches' commitment to one another by:1. Promoting theological reflection and discussion relating to the unity of the Church and its mission (unity).2. Encouraging the sharing and understanding of each other's spritual traditions (worship).3. Fostering ways of sharing the Gospel with the community (evangelism).4. Helping churches make a practical response to human needs, and seeking a common mind through shared decision-making, wherever possible, as part of a growing unit(social responsibility).5. Maintaining and promoting the work of Christian Aid and other Aid agencies.

Georgetown Methodist Church
Georgetown Road
St Saviour

t: 01534 730914

Secretary: Audrey Tupper