Oxygen Therapy Centre

Membership Number: AJC91 / Registered Charity Number: 006

The Oxygen Therapy Centre exists to help islanders with conditions such as MS, ME, Fibromyalgia, Post Operative Wound Healing, Cancer, the list goes on. Our primary purpose is to provide High Dose Oxygen Therapy, an incredibly versatile natural therapy which has huge potential for many. We are shortly rebranding to the Jersey Oxygen Therapy Centre in order to recognise how inclusive our service is.

Beyond Oxygen Therapy, the Centre offers complimentary therapies, has a Cyclossage massage mattress, a Eurotherapy hand held massage machine, and offers social meetings and dinners. Even if you just want a chat, the Centre is the place to come. We also house the most comprehensive range of literature on MS, Arthritis, Parkinsons and Oxygen Therapy on the island.

Rope Walk,
St Helier,

t: 01534 737297
e: info@oxygen.org.je
w: http://www.oxygen.org.je

Chairman: Jennifer Keene