Glanville Residential Home

Membership Number: AJC96 / Registered Charity Number: 254

Glanville is a home for elderly ladies who are no longer able to live on their own but who do not need daily medical attention, which is not provided. It is a registered charity founded in 1860 and provides living accommodation for 25 residents, all of whom have their own room. It is funded in part from residents contributions but otherwise from voluntary contributions and fund-raising events. Please have a look at our website in order to learn more about the Home.

Volunteer Role

We have a small Committee that oversees the running of Glanville, and is responsible for extra fundraising necessary for building maintenance etc.

We currently need more members for our Committee.

If you would be interested in joining the Committee, please contact the President.

Volunteer Commitment

The Committee meets on the first Tuesday morning of each month, for an hour or two.

St Mark's Road
St Saviour

t: 01534 733528
e: andrea@glanville.je
w: http://www.glanvillehome.com

President : Clive de la Cour