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Top 10 Tips to Help Charities Through the Cost of Living Crisis

#1 Volunteer some of your time. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment, maybe even once every other week or once a month. Contact your favourite charity and ask how you can help.

#2 Purchase items in charity shops rather than buying new. If you browse amongst the many items that have been donated you may suddenly find that ‘thing’ you have been looking for!

#3 Donate items to a charity shop. Get that attic or wardrobe cleared out – you’ve been meaning to do it for ages!

#4 Buy an extra tin or non-perishable item and donate it to the food banks. Some supermarkets have collection points, or you can contact any of the residential charities, as they need to feed their clients as well. Maybe even some sanitary items for the women’s charities.

#5 Donate your Co-op Dividend to a charity. Lots of us have Co-op divi numbers and so do lots of charities.

#6 Check with your favourite charity if they subscribe to ‘Easy Fundraising’. You can shop online at no cost to you via Easy Fundraising and raise donations at the same time.

#7 Organise a fundraising event to raise money for your favourite charity, like a dog walk, a sponsored silence, or a tea party.

#8 Set up a monthly payment to your favourite charity. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but if it amounts to £50 or more throughout the year, and you are a Jersey tax payer, the taxes office will add an extra 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you!

#9 Encourage your employer to set up a ‘Payroll Giving’ scheme. As above if your annual donation is £50 or more then the charity can receive the extra 25% tax from each employee. And ask your employer if they will match the amount paid by employees!

#10 Encourage your employer to ‘adopt’ a charity for a year, so you can all support their services, with group volunteering and funding.

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