Coronavirus Jersey - Acts of Kindness Facebook Page 23.04.20

About this group: With the coronavirus outbreak now hitting Jersey and people bulk buying, we need to consider the people who are unable to do this and live week to week, also the people who have mobility issues and can’t get to the shops often. Many people have run out of essentials and I know there are many Jersey residents that would be willing to help. We could also use this group to advise each other what shops have hardly no stock to save others a wasted trip. Remember not everyone has family or friends, and during self isolation this group could be used to pass some time and have social interaction. One small act of kindness by each person could change the world to a better place. If you want to inbox me in confidence something you would like to share on the group you are welcome to. Please keep the group positive and kind. We all have someone in our lives affected by this, but not everyone affected has someone. Let’s be that someone in any way we can. It’s time we stood together, looked out for each other, that’s what makes Jersey special. ????

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