New Chairman/Group Leader Needed

Triumph Over Phobia (TOP Jersey) is looking for an individual to train as a new Chairman/TOP Group leader. If you have a knowledge of mental health issues, or have recovered sufficiently from OCD, a phobia or related anxiety disorder, or if you have helped a relative or friend to do so and you would like to lead the charity, you will get great satisfaction from this voluntary position.

TOP Jersey uses a structured CBT approach with the aim of enabling sufferers of OCD, phobias and related anxiety disorders to become ex-sufferers.  We are complementary to the professional mental health services, and hold weekly meetings on Thursday evenings.

Training will be given in running a TOP Group before taking over from Celia in a few months' time as she intends to move to the UK later this year.  The new Chairman/ TOP Group leader will lead a team of supporters to help people attending the TOP Group to make individual improvements to their lives. 

If you would like to apply or to find out more information, please contact Celia by email at topjerseyci@gmail.com 

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