AJC June Grants Awarded 15.06.20

The Association of Jersey Charities (AJC) has awarded grants totaling £295,092 in the second quarter of 2020 to benefit eleven local charities and support people in Jersey at every stage of life.

The total funding this quarter comprises grants from the 2018 Channel Islands Lottery profits of £97,900, whilst a further £145,315 comes from private donations, £30,000 from the AJC’s own funds, and £21,877 from its Emergency Response Fund, financed from a National Emergencies Trust award matched by the AJC.

Lottery grants were awarded to:

  • Brightly - £30,000 to cover the costs of nursery placements for care-leavers’ children
  • Lymphoedema Jersey - £12,900 for a nurse/therapist salary
  • NSPCC Jersey - £30,000 for the ‘Let the Future In’ programme

A conditional award of £25,000 was also made to Aspire Charitable Trust/Beresford Street Kitchen for staff costs at the new La Hougue Bie café.

This leaves the AJC with £261,000 of Channel Islands Lottery Profits to distribute. This funding is not permitted to be used in relation to the pandemic response, but it will be available both to AJC members and non-members that are registered charities at its next quarterly meeting in September.

Meanwhile, £30,000 from the AJC’s own funds this quarter went to the Salvation Army for structural work at its Minden Street site.

Awards from private donations included £99,515 to four charities for new and continuing projects together with £45,800 to two charities for their pandemic response costs.

Awards from the AJC and National Emergencies Trust combined Emergency Response Fund comprised:

  • Salvation Army - £5,000 for its foodbank
  • Community Savings Ltd – £6,877 support costs
  • Caring Cooks of Jersey – £10,000 towards meal delivery service for vulnerable households

Liz Le Poidevin, Chairman of the AJC, said:

“This was a remarkable second quarter for Jersey charities as they have risen to the challenges of the current environment and shown pragmatism, professionalism and resilience in managing their way through the fallout of the pandemic.

“In that light, we’re pleased to have been able to provide funding to a broad range of charities this quarter, members and non-members of the AJC, who support such a diverse cross-section of the local community. This has included funds in relation to their pandemic response but also to enable them to undertake wider projects and initiatives too.”

The AJC grants committee will next meet in September, with a deadline for applications of 11 August. Further details about how to apply can be found on the AJC website, where full details of all grants awarded can also be found.

All charities are also encouraged to subscribe to the AJC’s daily newsletter or follow it on Twitter and Facebook to ensure they receive important news, gift in kind opportunities, funding information and updates on grant availability and how to apply.

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