AJC helps Parkinson's Jersey get back on it's feet. 24.09.20

Parkinson’s Jersey supports over 250 patients providing a range of specialist exercise classes and massage therapies which help with both mobility and confidence. When the pandemic struck and lockdown was imposed, not only were all the sessions cancelled but so were all the organisation’s summer fundraising events.

The condition of many of the patients deteriorated during lockdown and the local branch wanted to be able to restart the sessions as soon as restrictions eased. However, with negligible income for the year and limited reserves, a full programme of therapy sessions was simply not affordable.

Parkinson’s Jersey turned to the AJC and were awarded a grant of £20,000. Risk assessments on venues and tutors are now underway and the sessions will be restarted as soon as it is safe to do so.

Parkinson’s Jersey Chairman, Janine Coxshall commented:

We normally raise enough money to cover the cost of these sessions ourselves – but that has been impossible this year. It’s so difficult to hear about the struggles so many of our patients are facing in the aftermath of the pandemic – but incredibly rewarding when we see the effect of the sessions on mobility and wellbeing.

We really didn’t know how we would be able to afford to run sessions over the next 12 months – but our grant from the AJC means we can now go ahead and organise our normal programme plus a few extra classes. Literally, the grant will get us and our patients back on our feet.

Parkinson’s Jersey was one of 18 AJC grant recipients in the current quarter when some £340,000 from private and public funds was distributed.

AJC Chairman Liz Le Poidevin commented:
Parkinson’s Jersey is typical of the position local charities find themselves in as a result of the pandemic. While normally self-financing, its main fundraising events had to be cancelled and the need for its support is now greater than ever in order to return patients to their pre-pandemic levels of mobility and wellbeing.
We recently launched our charity booster appeal:

www.jerseycharities.org/boosterappeal to encourage islanders to donate just a small sum to charity once they’ve used their Spend Local card. If they donate to our appeal, we will be able to support many more charities like Parkinson’s Jersey over the coming year.

The AJC financed this grant from funds awarded to it by Ocorian Trustees.

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