Freedom Church Jersey Ltd

Membership Number: AJC402

We operate as a Christian church in Jersey, offering the opportunity for collective worship at our main Sunday service (currently held at Hautlieu school) as well as through smaller 'Life Group' meetings held across the island each week. In addition, we seek to engage with the community, offering help and support in practical ways across a range of activities. This is achieved through a number of our own specific projects as well as by working in conjunction with other local charitable organisations (including current members of the Association of Jersey Charities). In January 2012, we purchased the former Odeon cinema building in St Helier from which we plan to expand our community activities even further, offering services to the people of St Helier as well as the larger island population.

4 Britannia Place
Bath Street
St Helier

t: 01534 768957
e: office@freedomchurchjersey.com
w: http://www.freedomchurch.je

Administrator: Serena de Gruch