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Institute of Law, Jersey

Membership Number: AJC502 / Registered Charity Number: 0126

Institute of Law, Jersey

To advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research

To provide a focus for the academic study and development of Jersey and Guernsey law and related studies and to nurture the legal heritage of the Channel Islands

To contribute to the Jersey Legal Information Board's strategy of making the law and legal processes more accessible to the public and to develop an integrated legal system.

To facilitate better, cheaper and simpler delivery of legal services to the citizens

To provide a structured programme of legal education for students wishing to qualify as advocates or solicitors in Jersey and Guernsey

To enable students to obtain the advantages of third level education in Jersey and Guernsey through the provision of an undergraduate and higher degree courses in law and business studies and graduate conversion courses in law.

To use its best endeavours to provide, maintain and enhance the quality of legal education, training and research (both professional and academic) in co-operation with all the law firms of Jersey and Guernsey.

To provide library facilities for the legal profession, researchers and others.

To ensure that legal and business education and training is available and open to all, irrespective  disability, race, ethnic region, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation.

Top Floor Turner Building
University College Jersey
Highlands Lane
St Saviour

t: 01534 826060

Dean: Miceal Barden