Boys Brigade

Membership Number: AJC116 / Registered Charity Number: EFC

The Boys' Brigade is the pioneer to all voluntary uniformed youth organisations. It is a Christian movement in discipline, and has a four sided principle covering the following aspects:- Spiritual - Christian Citizenship, Physical, Educational, Social (including community service).
Programmes are based on these four sides of a Boys' development and are designed to meet his progressive needs from childhood to young manhood in relation to his background at school and at work. Membership range is six to eighteen years divided into four age groups.
The object of the Boys' Brigade is :- The advancement of Christ's Kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

Bagatelle Road
St Saviour

t: 01534 639687
e: nicolabennett@gmail.com

Secretary: Nicola Bennett