Jersey Charities

L'Associâtion des Charités d' Jèrri


Friends of Jersey Maritime Museum (The)

Membership Number: AJC167 / Registered Charity Number: 224

To promote both the tangible and intangible maritime heritage of the Island. To promote the use and enjoyment of the Jersey Maritime Museum by the public. To assist Jersey Heritage or its successors in the maintenance of the Maritime Collections (both public and private) exhibited in the Jersey Maritime Museum. To raise funds for the maintenance of the heritage fleet. To assist in the operation of the heritage fleet. To undertake studies and other activities on maritime subjects. To publish, promote the publication of, record and disseminate knowledge on maritime subjects by all available means and to do all such lawful acts or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

2 Kimberley Grove
La Rue de Haut
St Lawrence

t: 01534 721355

Honorary Treasurer: Capt P Mimmack