Jersey Health Care Foundation

Membership Number: AJC242

The objects of the Charity are:-
- To assist whether by way of the provision of financial support, donations or other means the construction, establishment, funding, staffing, accommodating of staff, promoting, holding, running, operating, equipping, improvement and general development of hospitals, clinics, health centres, surgeries, nursing homes and other health care facilities of whatever sort in the island of Jersey;
- To provide assistance whether by way of financial support, donations or other means to patients or prospective patients of any hospital or other establishments;
- To assist whether by way of the provision of financial support, donations or other means with the treatment, care and medical research carried out or provided at any hospital;
- To act as a non sectarian, non political, charitable association in support of any hospital or other establishment or any patient;
- To provide assistance, help and support for the general well being, and rehabilitation of any patient and for the general benefit of the families of such patients;
- To set up homes, hostels and to provide residential accommodation both on a gratuitous basis or otherwise for the care, well being, general benefit and rehabilitation of any patient;
- To provide comfort, care and attention including access to such legal, medical and social welfare services as may be appropriate to all patients and their families and dependents and to assist such persons financially if deemed appropriate (whether by way of loan, gift or otherwise) and generally to promote their material spiritual and mental health and well being;
- To employ such persons as may be necessary in the carrying out and general implementation of these rules and to provide for, arrange and implement the training of persons for work as specified in the constitution;

6 Vauxhall Street
St Helier

t: 01534 629325
e: nedraestates@jerseymail.co.uk
w: http:///www.silkworthlodge.co.uk

CEO: Jason Wyse