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Lymphoedema Jersey

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Lymphoedema Jersey

Lymphoedema is a condition which causes chronic swelling in the body but mostly in the arms and legs. This condition develops when the lymph system, which drains away fluid from the tissues of the body, has become damaged or does not function normally. Lymphoedema, which can be primary or secondary, cannot be cured, but it can be treated. As the Jersey Health service does not provide treatment for this problem, Lymphoedema Jersey run a clinic for all Lymphoedema patients. The clinic has two professional therapists and is based at Dynamic Health, 28 Clarendon Road, St. Helier. Referrals to the clinic must be made by a suitably qualified health care professional. Enquiries concerning lymphoedema and its treatment should be directed to our therapists, Mrs. Helena Parris on 07797 764877 or Mrs Yvonne Maguire on 07797 746526.


Full membership is open to all those suffering from Lymphoedema, who will be provided with on-going support in the treatment of their condition. Associate membership is open to anyone who wishes to promote the aims and objectives of Lymphoedema Jersey. Full membership is mandatory, but following a policy change, there are presently no fees payable for either full or associate membership.

Full Members can obtain full details of our GDPR Privacy Policy from our Secretary on request.

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