Hands Around the World Charitable Trust (Jersey)

Membership Number: AJC309 / Registered Charity Number: 009

The charity seeks to help vulnerable children around the world, encouraging enthusiastic and well-prepared short-term volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing, support and friendship.

HANDS AROUND THE WORLD JERSEY now has active links with four communities: Bugarama, Rwanda, where we are assisting Muko and Mihabura secondary schools by building and refurbishing classrooms Mnukwa, where we have been assisting with the establishment of a vocational training centre. Zumbo, Uganda, where we have built classrooms for a Primary School and a children's ward for a Rural Health Centre Athi, Kenya, where we are supporting a centre for handicapped children. HANDS AROUND THE WORLD was founded in 1994 by Dr. David Steiner, who for many years lived and worked as a doctor in general practice in Jersey. He became involved with the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Programme and became increasingly concerned for people in developing countries. Following a year with his family working in a rural hospital in Zambia, David and Lynda returned to England where they established the organisation. Jersey Hands Around the World provides a network for past team members, present sponsors and future volunteers to keep supporting the work of the charity.

Volunteer Role

Groups of volunteers from Jersey have visited the above communities on a regular basis over the past few years and we have plans to return to each of these places in the next couple of years.

Volunteer Commitment

In the build up to a project visit we will have at least three orientation sessions to prepare volunteers for the experience of living and working in Africa.

We will also have a fundraising target and will organise a series of events in the months prior to our departure.We will spend three weeks on the visit and this will include a couple of days towards the end with an opportunity to relax and maybe visit a Game Park

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Chairman/Treasurer: Mike Haden