Jersey College for Girls Parent Teacher Association

Membership Number: AJC405

To promote a close relationship between parents and Jersey College for Girls and Jersey College for Girls Preparatory School; and
To further the interests of the College and Preparatory School in any practical way which seems appropriate by supporting and promoting Jersey College for Girls in their achievement of all aspects of the education of their pupils from time to time; and
To represent parents views.

Volunteer Role

There are two sub committees covering both the JCG Prep School and JCG, these meet monthly and we welcome interested parties, parents and students to our meetings

Volunteer Commitment

a few hours once a month

Jersey College for Girls
Le Mont Millais
St Saviour

t: 01534 633311
f: 1534602900
e: allison@soulsby.je
w: http://www.jerseycollegeforgirls.com

Contact: Allison Soulsby