Jersey Fertility Support

Membership Number: AJC406 / Registered Charity Number: 175

Our aim is to support people in Jersey who are experiencing problems in conceiving.
We are not doctors nor counsellors - We are friends who want to help other people by sharing in our experiences to help their journeys be as short and painless as possible whilst appreciating the challenges that fertility issues can bring.

Volunteer Commitment

A donation will help the charity support the Jersey people who need our help in continuing to provide a place to meet once a month as well as continuing to deliver patient information events from medical professionals on treatment options and lifestyle choices.

We are also actively raising awareness of the illness in the island and in contact with the hospital to help improve services available to people with fertility issues.

La Rue De L'Eglise
St John

t: +447797914027
e: joroutier@live.co.uk

Secretary: Joanne Routier