Jersey Early Years Association

Membership Number: AJC451

Aim To support and improve the needs, rights and well-being of all under five year olds and their families, and of primary school age children, in Jersey and to fairly and consistently represent the views of the early years private sector in its quest to achieve equitable, high quality child care, play and education Objectives 1 To advise all island strategies concerned with young children and their families who access childcare. 2 To research or commission research within the community of Jersey in order to ensure all advice offered to island strategies is evidence based. 3 To inform parents and practitioners of issues concerning care, education and development needs of young children. 4 To evaluate the impact of training on practice 5 To lobby politicians

Mont Gras d'Eau
St Brelade

t: 01534 853751
e: belindalewis25@icloud.com

Chair: Mrs Belinda Lewis