Resilience Matters

Membership Number: AJC456

Resilience Matters delivers skill based workshops within the local community to enable people to better manage their mental, emotional and physical health. The community based workshops are open to anyone who wants to learn practical skills in a fun, informal and interactive environment. The Resilience Matters team currently work with schools, parents and partner agencies to support the local community.

Their work aligns with the States of Jersey Mental Health Policies and the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto to facilitate and support preventative measures around positive mental health.

Volunteer Role

Resilience Matters is a team of dedicated volunteers who want to see a fundamentally different way of life. One where people have the skill-set, mind-set and resources to better manage their psychological and physical health. Our work relies solely on regular fundraising activities and volunteering with us is always guaranteed to be fun. Volunteers are always welcome!

Volunteer Commitment

We’re flexible and fun so volunteers are always welcome, regardless of the amount of time or expertise you can offer.

2 Le Perquage
St Peter's Valley
St Lawrence

t: 07797 896163
e: emma@resiliencematters.co.uk
w: http://www.resiliencematters.co.uk

Board Member: Emma Ogilvie